Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs Competition (Saturday 13th October 2018) must have been held on the most windy day of the year. Storm Callum was whistling around the locality, but didn’t put off the couples who entered.  5 pairs played in a round robin format winning a set or playing for a max of 30 mins.  It was great to see how footwork improved in such weather conditioning as at times nobody knew where the ball was going, but 2 couples – Roz & Bob, Tracy & Michael overcame all these elements to reach the competition final.  What a final… was nail biting stuff, being 4-2 up Roz & Bob seemed to have it in the bag but before we knew it, it was 4 games all….. but it was Tracy and Michael who took their chance and wrapped up the next 2 games to claim themselves as Champions.

Thanks to all the players, whose loving partnerships are still intact ….(i think!).  Jenny Thrower / Richard Thomas, Chris & Steve Campling, Tracy Brockbank & Michael Sullivan, Roz & Bob Pringle, Lee Mowle & Charles Vint.  Also thanks to my lovely hubby, Andy Burn who on the day had to pull out to a niggly knee, but stayed and assisted throughout the whole afternoon.

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